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[5] Reincarnation

kyumin, slight eunhae & haemin | pg | au, angst, friendship
previous : [prologue] [1] [2] [3] [4]

written in Sungmin's POV


"But, you said it before, the syndrome affects woman, right?" Sungmin couldn't help raising his voice.

"I said, mostly, Sungmin-ssi. Raynaud's syndrome can affect man too. And, sadly, Kyuhyun-ssi got it." The doctor explained to him.

"Are there any treatment to cure it? Make him fully recover. Please."

"I can't promise anything to you. Sorry."


"Kui Xian, please be okay."

I was trying so hard to keep his hands warm and changed wet cloth on his forehead, I had to do it to prevent anything worse. He mumbled calling his parents.
Did he has nightmare?
I couldn't get over Kyuhyun's image, I was too afraid if I lose Kui Xian.

"Hyung!! Sungmin hyung!!"

That's Hae, finally they're here.

I run to the front door having both Hae and Hyukjae stood there, dragging them inside.

"Look guys, K-Kui Xian..."

"Hyung, calm, please."

Hae cut my words and cupping my face in his hands. That's when my tears rolled off I've held on and he wiped it.

"He's gonna be fine, hyung. You don't have to be panic... How's Kui Xian, Hyuk?"

I felt Hae took me into his embrace and I clutched into his shirt. I only heard Hyuk's voice.

"Sungmin hyung has done good to prevent Kui Xian's fever before it gets worse. I'm really sure it's only fever, Hae, Sungmin hyung. Let's take time to wait until morning if he won't get better, we bring him to hospital?"

"Hm, okay, Hyuk," I felt Hae patted my hair, "You heard Hyuk, did you, hyung?"
"All of us wait for Kui Xian tonight, hopefully he'll get better."

I nodded as Hae bring us to join Hyuk waiting near Kui Xian.

"Please God... Let him be okay, I can't take it losing another life."
"I could care him for all my life."

'No... No... Kyuhyun...'

I saw it again... All flashed again...
Kyuhyun stopped breathing...
Kyuhyun no longer stared into my eyes like how he used to...
It's already closed...
This can't be... 


I snapped my eyes open...again tears filled me...

"Kyuhyun... fuck."

The little voices cracked up and I felt hands intertwined my hand.
His other hand reached my neck, hugging me for his life.
"Don't cry again..."
"Kui Xian is here..."

I touched his cheeks. Assuring myself it was him, it was Kui Xian with me.
He's fine. His fever was down.

"Yes... Yes, Kui Xian."
"Thank you."

I kissed his forehead.
February 3rd

So, another February 3rd came and I just got back from meeting Kyuhyun as usual. But there's different this year, i brought Hyukjae, Donghae and well, Kui Xian. I could tell Hyukjae and Donghae came up with in case i depressed again after visiting Kyuhyun's grave which was always happen almost every year. And, Kui Xian finally he met Kyuhyun here. He only said, "Ah, Kyuhyun ahjussi must have meet my parents, right Hae hyung?"
He smiled.
A pure beautiful smile.
And all I could think of how to keep those smiles forever.
Here I was in my apartment, now living with Kui Xian. Hyukjae, Hae and I raised him, sent him to school but he lived at my place. I didn't say I had let you go, I always had you in my heart and now, I added one person to fill it.

I had you, Kyuhyun.
I had you, Kui Xian.

He made me realize I couldn't wait for you forever.

Maybe, this was how God and you created my long way to a happy ending, didn't you, Kyuhyun-ssi?


A/N: rush, right? but hopefully you guys still love how i end this...^^; oh if you curious about Raynaud, just google it..and yes i finished my first hopefully not the last chaptered fics~ comment, yes? 
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[4] Reincarnation

kyumin, slight eunhae || pg || au, angst, friendship
previous : [prologue] [1] [2] [3]


You know, Sungmin, it said that every journey has it ends, and you have no idea how and when it'll end,” Kyuhyun said.

Yeah, I feel you'll prefer sad ending for what you've been through until now, hm?” Sungmin wrapped his hands with Kyuhyun.

Is that what you think?” Kyuhyun chuckled, “Really Sungmin, i'm not that pessimistic.”
Even if, mark my word okay––I said even if, my journey should end with with a sad one, I know I have met you and behind every sad ending lies happy ending in a different way.”

Hm. Okay.”

You're wise as always Kyuhyun ahjusshi,” Sungmin smiled, “I can trust you, right?”


Months had passed from the first time Sungmin met Kui Xian and all along those times, he still reassured himself that Kui Xian was not Kyuhyun.

Sungmin should never put his hope too high, he's afraid, he's hurt again everytime realization hit him hard that Kyuhyun wasn't there for him.

Sungmin had Kyuhyun in his memories.

But maybe destiny already chose him to be his guardian with Hyukjae and Donghae. On Kui Xian's 11th birthday, Sungmin started questioning Donghae why they arranged birthday party for the boy instead of taking him back to his parents.

Oh, haven't I told you about that, hyung? Well, Kui Xian's parents, my uncle and aunt, have passed away. They involved in a car accident with Kui Xian too but he survived and gained back his life after around five months of therapy.”

Wow. Five months? He must be badly injured,” Sungmin thought something, “Oh, was it those days you and Hyukjae busy everytime I contacted you both?”

Donghae nodded, “And a month after that we introduced you to him. We thought he's better stay with us from that day.”

I think it fits if you said Kui Xian stays with me. How many times you guys left him stay at my apartment?” Sungmin sniggered.

Hyung~” Donghae clung on Sungmin, “but you care for him, don't you?”

Yeah yeah, Hae. He is too much alike you. Noisy and clingy plus he is a game freak and it's so hard to tuck him to bed you know.”

Donghae laughed and winked, “I know, hyung~”

Cheng Min ahjusshi~”

Sungmin's front door apartement opened revealing Hyukjae with Kui Xian on his shoulder.


October 20th 6.20 pm

It was rainy afternoon when they arrived safely at Sungmin's apartment. Four of them had a picnic to celebrate Donghae's birthday but they ended up soaking from head to toe.

Fuck weather forecast, it shouldn't be rain until night its said but looked it was just 4 pm and it was stormy rain,” Hyukjae complained while drying his hair and Hae's.

Plus, you don't have umbrella on your car, Hyuk,” Sungmin snorted, “Just great.”


They all looked at Kui Xian who started to keep on sneezing since they arrived.

Kui Xian go change your clothes okay?” Donghae told him still under towel, “Don't you get sick later.”

Nee, Hae ah—a-a—choo!”

Come on, Kui Xian, let's dry you first,” Sungmin put towel on Kui Xian's head and took him to his room to change clothes.

I-I can d-do it by myself, Cheng Min—a- a–choo!” He tried to struggle away from Sungmin.

No, no, I'll help you okay, Kui Xian, it's faster,” Sungmin lifted Kui Xian's shirt away but Kui Xian soon covered his body with towel.

That sight wouldn't leave from Sungmin's mind. Kui Xian's body was full of marks were made from the car accident. Thinking of it, Kui Xian never changed his clothes in front of him, maybe he afraid people mocked or disgusted him.

Hey... Kui Xian, it's okay, you don't need to cover it,” Sungmin caressed his cheek, “It's kinda proof that you've already passed it and still live until now.”

Kui Xian didn't give any response and Sungmin couldn't see what's on this boy mind. He kneeled on Kui Xian's height and hugged him. Kui Xian gripped back on Sungmin's shirt, he sobbed.

Let's change your clothes, dry your hair, and get a hot chocolate, okay?” Sungmin soothed him.


Kui Xian didn't talk a lot after that. He just sat between Donghae and Sungmin on the couch, sipping their hot chocolate. Then Hyukjae asked Donghae to go home since the rain had stopped.

One problem was Kui Xian had fell asleep and they afraid waking him up if they took Kui Xian home too.

Well, hyung, Hyukjae and I have to let him stay again in your apartment, is it okay with you?”

Yeah, i'll just take him to my room later. Drive safely guys.”


K-Kyu—hyun-sshi?” Sungmin shook him.

S-Sung—min... i-it's... cold...”

Kyuhyun said weakly then he was unconscious.


Sungmin woke up looking at his bed side table.

'3 am... those dream again...'

He felt tugging on his pajamas then he saw Kui Xian looked pain in his sleep.

C-Cheng—min a-ah—jusshi... i-it's... so..cold...”

Panic attacked Sungmin as he checked on Kui Xian's temperature. He got burning fever. Sungmin wanted to wake him up but Kui Xian just kept on calling his name.

K-Kui Xian... wake up...”

Sungmin felt it.

Deja vu.

He felt his hands on Kui Xian's and it felt too cold.

The pain on Kui Xian's face.

'Does his head aching..?'

It all brought Sungmin back to his painful memories seeing Kui Xian as sick Kyuhyun long ago. He run from his room taking a pain killer and other medicine he had with glass of water and getting a towel to swept away Kui Xian's sweat. Sungmin still couldn't wake him up, still in panic he dialed Donghae's number.

Hyung... what's up..?”

Ha—Hae..... K-Kui Xian.....”

Why hyung? Are you okay?”

H-He's the one not okay. He's sick. I—I... symptoms... i—it's like K—Kyuhyun before...”
What am I suppose to do, Hae..?”

I believe he just got fever, hyung, Hyuk agreed too. You have some medicine in your apartment, right?”

What if... it isn't fever, H—Hae?”
He really looked in pain... just like K—Kyuhyun...”

Sungmin choked on his words.

His thought of losing someone again way bigger than anything.

Calm down, hyung. Everything's gonna be fine. Hold on there, I'll go there with Hyuk now.”


a/n: hey guys.. in case there's someone still wants to read this...sorry like months i didn't update... i'm not satisfied with it though. but i can't leave you hanging with this story. sorry for different font & size, too lazy to retype it from word... so enjoy.

Giraffe's Kiss

Title: Giraffe's Kiss
Pairing(s): yewook, kid!kyumin
Rating: g
Genre: fluff, drabble(?)
Summary: kyuhyun, sungmin, and Mrs. Cho helped Jongwoon to celebrate Ryeowook's Birthday. Giraffe party!
Warning: unbeta

Related post: Cake -


"Hyungie... Should I..," Kyuhyun looked to Sungmin who zipped Kyu's clothes, "wear this?"

Sungmin giggled, "Of course, Kyu, i'm wearing it too!"

It was a bear pajamas. Yes, bear costume for kids as in pajamas for sleep.
Basically, Mrs. Cho first bought a bunny pajamas for Sungmin's birthday last January. She inspired from his Kyuhyun and his cake costume actually. Well, Sungmin absolutely love his present and he asked if Kyuhyun had the same pajamas as his. Mrs. Cho had not buy for her son, but she thought maybe it's gonna be cute if both of them using those pajamas. So, she ended up buying a bear one for Kyu.

"Mommm..." Kyu begged to his mom to set him free from the pajamas.

"I thought only Sungminnie that can look cute, but," Mrs. Cho ruffled Kyu's mushroom hair, "You two are the cutest boys on earth. Oh, let auntie take the bear's head to Kyu's head, Minnie," she fixed the hoodie for Sungmin because he couldn't reach it.

Sungmin and Mrs. Cho looked Kyuhyun from top to toe.

" won't fit with me, mom, hyungie..." Kyuhyun played with his zipper.

"Hey, dear, who says that," she pinched his cheek, "Kyubear is so cute."

"Kyubear and Minbunny!" Sungmin hugged Kyuhyun right away and Mrs. Cho smiled at them.

"Okay, now you guys," she lifted them to the bed, "go to sleep now, okay? Kyubear and Minbunny can play again tomorrow."

"Yes, auntieee..." Sungmin yawned. "Yes, mom." Kyuhyun held blanket which covered them on the bed.

"Good night," she turned off the light.

Sungmin turned over and cuddled to Kyuhyun.


"Ah, hello, Mrs. Cho," Jongwoon greeted her.

"Oh, Jongwoon-ssi, hello. What's bring you here early this morning?" Mrs. Cho opened the door for him, "Come in, you can have breakfast together with us, Kyuhyun and Sungmin are inside."

"Thank you but no need to, Mrs. Cho, I just came to give you Kyuhyun's letter for father's day at school yesterday. He forgot to bring it home," Jongwoon smiled and handed it.

"Sorry Kyu troubled you, Jongwoon-ssi."

"It's really okay, Mrs. Cho..." Jongwoon had not finished his line when Kyuhyun and Sungmin approached from behind.

"Jongwoonie songsaenim!" Both of them called.

"Hey, you guys!" He scrathed their heads.

"Songsaenim brings lot of girrafes!" Sungmin chirped happily at Jongwoon's bag.

"A-ah y-yes, Sungmin..."

Kyuhyun remembered that time when Jongwoonie songsaenim said he will give Ryeowookie songsaenim a giraffe for his birthday, "Is it for Ryeowookie songsaenim, Jongwoonie songsaenim?"

"A-ah y-yes, Kyu," Jongwoon blushed and answered quickly, "it-is-for-Ryeowookie-songsaenim's-birthday."

"Ooh, Ryeowook-ssi taught at Sungmin's class, right?" Mrs. Cho asked.

"Yes, auntieee!" Sungmin answered instantly.

"Ah ~ He loves giraffe? He's really cute." Mrs. Cho smiled. Suddenly, something snapped her mind, "What about you are the giraffe, Jongwoon-ssi? Like your idea for Sungmin's birthday, Kyu told me that you gave that brilliant idea!"

"But, there is no giraffe costume--"

"Mom, I think you have giraffe pajamas?"

"Of course there is one, Jongwoon-ssi!"


"Hold on!" Ryeowook shouted from inside. He turned off his popcorn maker and run to open the door.

What surprise him was there is a giraffe-man holding a cake in front of his face.


"Happy birthday, Ryeowookie songsaenim ~"

Another two giraffe came out from behind holding giraffe plushies.

"S-Sungminnie a-and K-Kyuhyunie too--"

Then, big giraffe started to sing a birthday song and smiled to Ryeowook.


"Make a wish and blow the candles, Wookie."

He blew the candles and giraffes clapped their hands, cheered for Ryeowook's birthday.

Jongwoon saw tears on Wookie's eyes, "Hey... Why are you crying..."

Ryeowook hugged him tight, "Nothing... I'm just... too happy, giraffe."

"I'm glad you happy, Wookie. Happy birthday..."

Sungmin covered his eyes and his other hand covered Kyuhyun's eyes,
"Kyubear and Minbunny should not see it."

Giraffe's sweet kiss for Ryeowook's birthday...


A/N: cheesy fluffy everywhere and Cho's mom knows the best. haha. enjoy guys :) and HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYEONGGU~~~!!

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Sequel to Home

[Sequel to Home]
angst, comfort, incest
765 words

Kyuhyun's POV


Four years. 208 weeks. 1461 days.

I could count how many times Sungmin hyung came home within ten fingers.
I could count how many times Sungmin hyung did not fight with dad at home within my five fingers.

Sungmin hyung cried once in those fight with dad. The last one he came home.

All those scenes was recorded in my mind. Replaying again and again.


'Yah, Kyu, you don't have any brother or sister, right?'

'Just leave him here, no one will help though.'

'Oh, I hear that certain Kyuhyun comes from broken family, eh?'

I would hear it almost everyday at school. Like I could do something against them anyway.
Living home, escaping all problems but ended up meeting another problems. They may did everything to me, but not saying bad about my mother, well, I started to let out anyone said anything about dad.

And, at least they didn't know my crush.


I knew Sungmin hyung works in a alcoholics bar. I followed him after he finished his day at college.
But, I have no idea where he lived now. Once i tried waiting him until he had done but I couldn't.
Slap on my cheeks I got at home.

'Almost 2 AM, kid. Have you thought that I need sleep too, Kyuhyun?' Dad clutched my hair on and on.

Here I was today in front of the bar.

I found him.
Sungmin hyung looked at me too but taking his sight away.

I ordered drink but I thought hyung had asked his friend to take my order. I had capability on drinking but not as good as hyung. Emptied glass stood at the table. I felt my head started to spin but I continued anyway.

"Stop, Kyu. You're drunk." I saw hyung takes my glass.

"What drunk. I. Am. Not. Hyung." I caught up my glass again but I almsost dropped from my seat if hyung didn't hold me right that moment.

"Say you're not, you even can't stand right, Kyu."

"Don't... Lecture me, hyung..." I stared right to his eyes.

What's with that... his sight...

"Hey, Kyu, hey ---"

I felt like throwing up anytime soon. He saw me. Hyung saw me. He immediately slung my arm at his shoulder takes me to bathroom. Closing my eyes, I vomited.
I felt his hand trying to soothe, drawing circle on my back.
"What happened really, Kyu.."

I panted way to tired to answering his questions.
"Too much, hyung..."

"What? What's with too much..?" I heard worries in his voice.

"Too bear, Min hyung..."

I felt him wrapping his hands on me, getting my head to rest on his shoulder.
"You can bear it, Kyu..."

"How..." I said then all I could see only black.


'This is sick.' I felt my head hurt so much.

"I told you to stop, didn't I? Don't blame me you got hangover."

"Are we home?" I asked.

"Nope. We're at Hyukjae's." Sungmin hyung sat beside me on the bed, "I watched you everyday waiting me from outside bar. Wanna find where I live, hm?"

I nodded and put my hand over my face to covering my eyes.
"Why, hyung?"
"Why you left us?"
"Only beacuse of dad?"
"What about mom and me?"

"Half yes."

"Other half, hyung?"

"I can't tell you."

Only silence filled the room.

"I'll take you home. It's near 5 AM. Dad should be sleep and mom will wake up soon so we can get door opens for you, okay, Kyu?"

"Why don't you go home with me now?"

"I have my decisions. Only you could help mom now. And maybe," Hyung laughed bitterly, "I know I'm such a bad hyung. I feel sorry for that, I can't save you and mom from dad. But when the time has come. I will take you with me."
"That's my promise, Kyu."

Tears pooled at my eyes but how could I let it fall.

I just hummed.

Taking his answers as he prepared to send me home and fixing my stuffs.


"Come to Hyukjae's anytime you need me, okay, Kyu?"


Our home's door cracked open, revealing mom with smile on her face.

"Hey, mom. I just passed by to send Kyuhyun home," Sungmin handed my bags then walked over to mom.
I saw him hugs mom and soothing her like what he had done on me.
"I love you, mom."

He took steps back, came near me, patted my head,
"Take care of mom."
Sungmin hyung took one step leaving me behind him,
"I love you, Kyu."


A/N: for some people, i have no idea if these could answer all your curiosity... 
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Title: Home
Pairing: MinKyu (one sided Kyuhyun)
Rating: PG (language)
Genre: angst
Summary: our-so-called-home-sweet-home ?
Warning(s): incest, written on Kyuhyun’s POV, unbeta


‘Oh, hyung is home today?’  I left my sight from television after hearing his motorcycle entered our house.


I have my family, my dad, mom, and Sungmin hyung. The same little house where we lived together since my parents’ married. I wanted to believe in a phrase saying ‘home sweet home’ but sometimes, in my thought, deep thought, maybe I didn’t have it.

My mom, she’s the best on earth. Nothing beaten my huggable mom, she always knew the best for me. That didn’t mean we never fight over something, but as I grew up, I had the same thinking as she did. Unlike dad, I knew I never had a special relationship with my dad, well, it was upside down. He could be so nice but in other time, I never ever understood what’s in his mind.

And, there was my brother, two years older and he had a cute but fierce face. Since we’re kids, he had done a lot for me that I could clearly remember in my mind. One problem disturbed me was he changed into someone that even my whole family couldn’t understand him. He was being introvert more and more. Locking himself from outside world. He often fought with our dad and making mom cried. Me? He talked to me less. Emotionless.

I was his admirer. Always.

I definitely realized that he was indeed my brother who had changed, but he had stolen a little corner in my heart.
He never knew and he shouldn’t.

What future would I have if hyung knew my feeling for him?

Besides, Sungmin hyung had one girl whom he liked.


I heard him entering house, putting his helmet. My dad got home earlier than him.

“Dad,” Sungmin hyung called, “my motorcycle’s side mirror broke.”

“How?” Dad looked at hyung surprisedly.

There, I just saw his left hand scratched.

“Crashing with another motorcycle.”

I gasped.

My father asked him to tell how did it happen in every details, and I could feel it would end up both of them fought again. Sungmin hyung always hated to be asked in details and repeated it over and over again.

“Yah! Did ever cross your mind that maybe, back there, me, your son, almost died?”

“Could you even just once see me? Care for me, dad?”

“You just thought about the motorcycle and not me!”

“Hey, I’m just asking, okay? Why are you angry at me?”

They glared and fighting. Mom came and tried to separate them.

And, I just cornered not knowing to do. I was never good at talking.


I didn’t know how to starting conversation with hyung.

He only said, “Kyu, can you get your pillows from my bed to yours? I wanna sleep.”

I grabbed it quickly, “O-Okay, hyung.”

That’s all.


“Oh yes, mom, he always do that to me. Dad never learned. He’s the eldest but acting like a child. Fuck he sees me like I’m some kinds of animal he can torture all he wants. Mark me, I will not let him talking to me like that anymore, every single fucking words from him. Hell I won’t live under same roof with him! Damn fuck!”

Mom cried, her heart was breaking apart just hearing anger exploded from Sungmin hyung.

In a minute, he packed his things.

Leaving our-so-called-home-sweet-home...


A/N: i forgot i've written this...