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Title: Home
Pairing: MinKyu (one sided Kyuhyun)
Rating: PG (language)
Genre: angst
Summary: our-so-called-home-sweet-home ?
Warning(s): incest, written on Kyuhyun’s POV, unbeta


‘Oh, hyung is home today?’  I left my sight from television after hearing his motorcycle entered our house.


I have my family, my dad, mom, and Sungmin hyung. The same little house where we lived together since my parents’ married. I wanted to believe in a phrase saying ‘home sweet home’ but sometimes, in my thought, deep thought, maybe I didn’t have it.

My mom, she’s the best on earth. Nothing beaten my huggable mom, she always knew the best for me. That didn’t mean we never fight over something, but as I grew up, I had the same thinking as she did. Unlike dad, I knew I never had a special relationship with my dad, well, it was upside down. He could be so nice but in other time, I never ever understood what’s in his mind.

And, there was my brother, two years older and he had a cute but fierce face. Since we’re kids, he had done a lot for me that I could clearly remember in my mind. One problem disturbed me was he changed into someone that even my whole family couldn’t understand him. He was being introvert more and more. Locking himself from outside world. He often fought with our dad and making mom cried. Me? He talked to me less. Emotionless.

I was his admirer. Always.

I definitely realized that he was indeed my brother who had changed, but he had stolen a little corner in my heart.
He never knew and he shouldn’t.

What future would I have if hyung knew my feeling for him?

Besides, Sungmin hyung had one girl whom he liked.


I heard him entering house, putting his helmet. My dad got home earlier than him.

“Dad,” Sungmin hyung called, “my motorcycle’s side mirror broke.”

“How?” Dad looked at hyung surprisedly.

There, I just saw his left hand scratched.

“Crashing with another motorcycle.”

I gasped.

My father asked him to tell how did it happen in every details, and I could feel it would end up both of them fought again. Sungmin hyung always hated to be asked in details and repeated it over and over again.

“Yah! Did ever cross your mind that maybe, back there, me, your son, almost died?”

“Could you even just once see me? Care for me, dad?”

“You just thought about the motorcycle and not me!”

“Hey, I’m just asking, okay? Why are you angry at me?”

They glared and fighting. Mom came and tried to separate them.

And, I just cornered not knowing to do. I was never good at talking.


I didn’t know how to starting conversation with hyung.

He only said, “Kyu, can you get your pillows from my bed to yours? I wanna sleep.”

I grabbed it quickly, “O-Okay, hyung.”

That’s all.


“Oh yes, mom, he always do that to me. Dad never learned. He’s the eldest but acting like a child. Fuck he sees me like I’m some kinds of animal he can torture all he wants. Mark me, I will not let him talking to me like that anymore, every single fucking words from him. Hell I won’t live under same roof with him! Damn fuck!”

Mom cried, her heart was breaking apart just hearing anger exploded from Sungmin hyung.

In a minute, he packed his things.

Leaving our-so-called-home-sweet-home...


A/N: i forgot i've written this...

Tags: fanfiction, kyuhyun, minkyu, sungmin
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