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Sequel to Home

[Sequel to Home]
angst, comfort, incest
765 words

Kyuhyun's POV


Four years. 208 weeks. 1461 days.

I could count how many times Sungmin hyung came home within ten fingers.
I could count how many times Sungmin hyung did not fight with dad at home within my five fingers.

Sungmin hyung cried once in those fight with dad. The last one he came home.

All those scenes was recorded in my mind. Replaying again and again.


'Yah, Kyu, you don't have any brother or sister, right?'

'Just leave him here, no one will help though.'

'Oh, I hear that certain Kyuhyun comes from broken family, eh?'

I would hear it almost everyday at school. Like I could do something against them anyway.
Living home, escaping all problems but ended up meeting another problems. They may did everything to me, but not saying bad about my mother, well, I started to let out anyone said anything about dad.

And, at least they didn't know my crush.


I knew Sungmin hyung works in a alcoholics bar. I followed him after he finished his day at college.
But, I have no idea where he lived now. Once i tried waiting him until he had done but I couldn't.
Slap on my cheeks I got at home.

'Almost 2 AM, kid. Have you thought that I need sleep too, Kyuhyun?' Dad clutched my hair on and on.

Here I was today in front of the bar.

I found him.
Sungmin hyung looked at me too but taking his sight away.

I ordered drink but I thought hyung had asked his friend to take my order. I had capability on drinking but not as good as hyung. Emptied glass stood at the table. I felt my head started to spin but I continued anyway.

"Stop, Kyu. You're drunk." I saw hyung takes my glass.

"What drunk. I. Am. Not. Hyung." I caught up my glass again but I almsost dropped from my seat if hyung didn't hold me right that moment.

"Say you're not, you even can't stand right, Kyu."

"Don't... Lecture me, hyung..." I stared right to his eyes.

What's with that... his sight...

"Hey, Kyu, hey ---"

I felt like throwing up anytime soon. He saw me. Hyung saw me. He immediately slung my arm at his shoulder takes me to bathroom. Closing my eyes, I vomited.
I felt his hand trying to soothe, drawing circle on my back.
"What happened really, Kyu.."

I panted way to tired to answering his questions.
"Too much, hyung..."

"What? What's with too much..?" I heard worries in his voice.

"Too bear, Min hyung..."

I felt him wrapping his hands on me, getting my head to rest on his shoulder.
"You can bear it, Kyu..."

"How..." I said then all I could see only black.


'This is sick.' I felt my head hurt so much.

"I told you to stop, didn't I? Don't blame me you got hangover."

"Are we home?" I asked.

"Nope. We're at Hyukjae's." Sungmin hyung sat beside me on the bed, "I watched you everyday waiting me from outside bar. Wanna find where I live, hm?"

I nodded and put my hand over my face to covering my eyes.
"Why, hyung?"
"Why you left us?"
"Only beacuse of dad?"
"What about mom and me?"

"Half yes."

"Other half, hyung?"

"I can't tell you."

Only silence filled the room.

"I'll take you home. It's near 5 AM. Dad should be sleep and mom will wake up soon so we can get door opens for you, okay, Kyu?"

"Why don't you go home with me now?"

"I have my decisions. Only you could help mom now. And maybe," Hyung laughed bitterly, "I know I'm such a bad hyung. I feel sorry for that, I can't save you and mom from dad. But when the time has come. I will take you with me."
"That's my promise, Kyu."

Tears pooled at my eyes but how could I let it fall.

I just hummed.

Taking his answers as he prepared to send me home and fixing my stuffs.


"Come to Hyukjae's anytime you need me, okay, Kyu?"


Our home's door cracked open, revealing mom with smile on her face.

"Hey, mom. I just passed by to send Kyuhyun home," Sungmin handed my bags then walked over to mom.
I saw him hugs mom and soothing her like what he had done on me.
"I love you, mom."

He took steps back, came near me, patted my head,
"Take care of mom."
Sungmin hyung took one step leaving me behind him,
"I love you, Kyu."


A/N: for some people, i have no idea if these could answer all your curiosity... 
Tags: fanfiction, kyuhyun, minkyu, rating: pg, sungmin
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