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Giraffe's Kiss

Title: Giraffe's Kiss
Pairing(s): yewook, kid!kyumin
Rating: g
Genre: fluff, drabble(?)
Summary: kyuhyun, sungmin, and Mrs. Cho helped Jongwoon to celebrate Ryeowook's Birthday. Giraffe party!
Warning: unbeta

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"Hyungie... Should I..," Kyuhyun looked to Sungmin who zipped Kyu's clothes, "wear this?"

Sungmin giggled, "Of course, Kyu, i'm wearing it too!"

It was a bear pajamas. Yes, bear costume for kids as in pajamas for sleep.
Basically, Mrs. Cho first bought a bunny pajamas for Sungmin's birthday last January. She inspired from his Kyuhyun and his cake costume actually. Well, Sungmin absolutely love his present and he asked if Kyuhyun had the same pajamas as his. Mrs. Cho had not buy for her son, but she thought maybe it's gonna be cute if both of them using those pajamas. So, she ended up buying a bear one for Kyu.

"Mommm..." Kyu begged to his mom to set him free from the pajamas.

"I thought only Sungminnie that can look cute, but," Mrs. Cho ruffled Kyu's mushroom hair, "You two are the cutest boys on earth. Oh, let auntie take the bear's head to Kyu's head, Minnie," she fixed the hoodie for Sungmin because he couldn't reach it.

Sungmin and Mrs. Cho looked Kyuhyun from top to toe.

" won't fit with me, mom, hyungie..." Kyuhyun played with his zipper.

"Hey, dear, who says that," she pinched his cheek, "Kyubear is so cute."

"Kyubear and Minbunny!" Sungmin hugged Kyuhyun right away and Mrs. Cho smiled at them.

"Okay, now you guys," she lifted them to the bed, "go to sleep now, okay? Kyubear and Minbunny can play again tomorrow."

"Yes, auntieee..." Sungmin yawned. "Yes, mom." Kyuhyun held blanket which covered them on the bed.

"Good night," she turned off the light.

Sungmin turned over and cuddled to Kyuhyun.


"Ah, hello, Mrs. Cho," Jongwoon greeted her.

"Oh, Jongwoon-ssi, hello. What's bring you here early this morning?" Mrs. Cho opened the door for him, "Come in, you can have breakfast together with us, Kyuhyun and Sungmin are inside."

"Thank you but no need to, Mrs. Cho, I just came to give you Kyuhyun's letter for father's day at school yesterday. He forgot to bring it home," Jongwoon smiled and handed it.

"Sorry Kyu troubled you, Jongwoon-ssi."

"It's really okay, Mrs. Cho..." Jongwoon had not finished his line when Kyuhyun and Sungmin approached from behind.

"Jongwoonie songsaenim!" Both of them called.

"Hey, you guys!" He scrathed their heads.

"Songsaenim brings lot of girrafes!" Sungmin chirped happily at Jongwoon's bag.

"A-ah y-yes, Sungmin..."

Kyuhyun remembered that time when Jongwoonie songsaenim said he will give Ryeowookie songsaenim a giraffe for his birthday, "Is it for Ryeowookie songsaenim, Jongwoonie songsaenim?"

"A-ah y-yes, Kyu," Jongwoon blushed and answered quickly, "it-is-for-Ryeowookie-songsaenim's-birthday."

"Ooh, Ryeowook-ssi taught at Sungmin's class, right?" Mrs. Cho asked.

"Yes, auntieee!" Sungmin answered instantly.

"Ah ~ He loves giraffe? He's really cute." Mrs. Cho smiled. Suddenly, something snapped her mind, "What about you are the giraffe, Jongwoon-ssi? Like your idea for Sungmin's birthday, Kyu told me that you gave that brilliant idea!"

"But, there is no giraffe costume--"

"Mom, I think you have giraffe pajamas?"

"Of course there is one, Jongwoon-ssi!"


"Hold on!" Ryeowook shouted from inside. He turned off his popcorn maker and run to open the door.

What surprise him was there is a giraffe-man holding a cake in front of his face.


"Happy birthday, Ryeowookie songsaenim ~"

Another two giraffe came out from behind holding giraffe plushies.

"S-Sungminnie a-and K-Kyuhyunie too--"

Then, big giraffe started to sing a birthday song and smiled to Ryeowook.


"Make a wish and blow the candles, Wookie."

He blew the candles and giraffes clapped their hands, cheered for Ryeowook's birthday.

Jongwoon saw tears on Wookie's eyes, "Hey... Why are you crying..."

Ryeowook hugged him tight, "Nothing... I'm just... too happy, giraffe."

"I'm glad you happy, Wookie. Happy birthday..."

Sungmin covered his eyes and his other hand covered Kyuhyun's eyes,
"Kyubear and Minbunny should not see it."

Giraffe's sweet kiss for Ryeowook's birthday...


A/N: cheesy fluffy everywhere and Cho's mom knows the best. haha. enjoy guys :) and HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYEONGGU~~~!!

Tags: fanfiction, kyuhyun, kyumin, rating: g, ryeowook, sungmin, yesung, yewook
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