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[4] Reincarnation

kyumin, slight eunhae || pg || au, angst, friendship
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You know, Sungmin, it said that every journey has it ends, and you have no idea how and when it'll end,” Kyuhyun said.

Yeah, I feel you'll prefer sad ending for what you've been through until now, hm?” Sungmin wrapped his hands with Kyuhyun.

Is that what you think?” Kyuhyun chuckled, “Really Sungmin, i'm not that pessimistic.”
Even if, mark my word okay––I said even if, my journey should end with with a sad one, I know I have met you and behind every sad ending lies happy ending in a different way.”

Hm. Okay.”

You're wise as always Kyuhyun ahjusshi,” Sungmin smiled, “I can trust you, right?”


Months had passed from the first time Sungmin met Kui Xian and all along those times, he still reassured himself that Kui Xian was not Kyuhyun.

Sungmin should never put his hope too high, he's afraid, he's hurt again everytime realization hit him hard that Kyuhyun wasn't there for him.

Sungmin had Kyuhyun in his memories.

But maybe destiny already chose him to be his guardian with Hyukjae and Donghae. On Kui Xian's 11th birthday, Sungmin started questioning Donghae why they arranged birthday party for the boy instead of taking him back to his parents.

Oh, haven't I told you about that, hyung? Well, Kui Xian's parents, my uncle and aunt, have passed away. They involved in a car accident with Kui Xian too but he survived and gained back his life after around five months of therapy.”

Wow. Five months? He must be badly injured,” Sungmin thought something, “Oh, was it those days you and Hyukjae busy everytime I contacted you both?”

Donghae nodded, “And a month after that we introduced you to him. We thought he's better stay with us from that day.”

I think it fits if you said Kui Xian stays with me. How many times you guys left him stay at my apartment?” Sungmin sniggered.

Hyung~” Donghae clung on Sungmin, “but you care for him, don't you?”

Yeah yeah, Hae. He is too much alike you. Noisy and clingy plus he is a game freak and it's so hard to tuck him to bed you know.”

Donghae laughed and winked, “I know, hyung~”

Cheng Min ahjusshi~”

Sungmin's front door apartement opened revealing Hyukjae with Kui Xian on his shoulder.


October 20th 6.20 pm

It was rainy afternoon when they arrived safely at Sungmin's apartment. Four of them had a picnic to celebrate Donghae's birthday but they ended up soaking from head to toe.

Fuck weather forecast, it shouldn't be rain until night its said but looked it was just 4 pm and it was stormy rain,” Hyukjae complained while drying his hair and Hae's.

Plus, you don't have umbrella on your car, Hyuk,” Sungmin snorted, “Just great.”


They all looked at Kui Xian who started to keep on sneezing since they arrived.

Kui Xian go change your clothes okay?” Donghae told him still under towel, “Don't you get sick later.”

Nee, Hae ah—a-a—choo!”

Come on, Kui Xian, let's dry you first,” Sungmin put towel on Kui Xian's head and took him to his room to change clothes.

I-I can d-do it by myself, Cheng Min—a- a–choo!” He tried to struggle away from Sungmin.

No, no, I'll help you okay, Kui Xian, it's faster,” Sungmin lifted Kui Xian's shirt away but Kui Xian soon covered his body with towel.

That sight wouldn't leave from Sungmin's mind. Kui Xian's body was full of marks were made from the car accident. Thinking of it, Kui Xian never changed his clothes in front of him, maybe he afraid people mocked or disgusted him.

Hey... Kui Xian, it's okay, you don't need to cover it,” Sungmin caressed his cheek, “It's kinda proof that you've already passed it and still live until now.”

Kui Xian didn't give any response and Sungmin couldn't see what's on this boy mind. He kneeled on Kui Xian's height and hugged him. Kui Xian gripped back on Sungmin's shirt, he sobbed.

Let's change your clothes, dry your hair, and get a hot chocolate, okay?” Sungmin soothed him.


Kui Xian didn't talk a lot after that. He just sat between Donghae and Sungmin on the couch, sipping their hot chocolate. Then Hyukjae asked Donghae to go home since the rain had stopped.

One problem was Kui Xian had fell asleep and they afraid waking him up if they took Kui Xian home too.

Well, hyung, Hyukjae and I have to let him stay again in your apartment, is it okay with you?”

Yeah, i'll just take him to my room later. Drive safely guys.”


K-Kyu—hyun-sshi?” Sungmin shook him.

S-Sung—min... i-it's... cold...”

Kyuhyun said weakly then he was unconscious.


Sungmin woke up looking at his bed side table.

'3 am... those dream again...'

He felt tugging on his pajamas then he saw Kui Xian looked pain in his sleep.

C-Cheng—min a-ah—jusshi... i-it's... so..cold...”

Panic attacked Sungmin as he checked on Kui Xian's temperature. He got burning fever. Sungmin wanted to wake him up but Kui Xian just kept on calling his name.

K-Kui Xian... wake up...”

Sungmin felt it.

Deja vu.

He felt his hands on Kui Xian's and it felt too cold.

The pain on Kui Xian's face.

'Does his head aching..?'

It all brought Sungmin back to his painful memories seeing Kui Xian as sick Kyuhyun long ago. He run from his room taking a pain killer and other medicine he had with glass of water and getting a towel to swept away Kui Xian's sweat. Sungmin still couldn't wake him up, still in panic he dialed Donghae's number.

Hyung... what's up..?”

Ha—Hae..... K-Kui Xian.....”

Why hyung? Are you okay?”

H-He's the one not okay. He's sick. I—I... symptoms... i—it's like K—Kyuhyun before...”
What am I suppose to do, Hae..?”

I believe he just got fever, hyung, Hyuk agreed too. You have some medicine in your apartment, right?”

What if... it isn't fever, H—Hae?”
He really looked in pain... just like K—Kyuhyun...”

Sungmin choked on his words.

His thought of losing someone again way bigger than anything.

Calm down, hyung. Everything's gonna be fine. Hold on there, I'll go there with Hyuk now.”


a/n: hey guys.. in case there's someone still wants to read this...sorry like months i didn't update... i'm not satisfied with it though. but i can't leave you hanging with this story. sorry for different font & size, too lazy to retype it from word... so enjoy.
Tags: eunhae, fanfiction, kyumin, rating: pg
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