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[5] Reincarnation

kyumin, slight eunhae & haemin | pg | au, angst, friendship
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written in Sungmin's POV


"But, you said it before, the syndrome affects woman, right?" Sungmin couldn't help raising his voice.

"I said, mostly, Sungmin-ssi. Raynaud's syndrome can affect man too. And, sadly, Kyuhyun-ssi got it." The doctor explained to him.

"Are there any treatment to cure it? Make him fully recover. Please."

"I can't promise anything to you. Sorry."


"Kui Xian, please be okay."

I was trying so hard to keep his hands warm and changed wet cloth on his forehead, I had to do it to prevent anything worse. He mumbled calling his parents.
Did he has nightmare?
I couldn't get over Kyuhyun's image, I was too afraid if I lose Kui Xian.

"Hyung!! Sungmin hyung!!"

That's Hae, finally they're here.

I run to the front door having both Hae and Hyukjae stood there, dragging them inside.

"Look guys, K-Kui Xian..."

"Hyung, calm, please."

Hae cut my words and cupping my face in his hands. That's when my tears rolled off I've held on and he wiped it.

"He's gonna be fine, hyung. You don't have to be panic... How's Kui Xian, Hyuk?"

I felt Hae took me into his embrace and I clutched into his shirt. I only heard Hyuk's voice.

"Sungmin hyung has done good to prevent Kui Xian's fever before it gets worse. I'm really sure it's only fever, Hae, Sungmin hyung. Let's take time to wait until morning if he won't get better, we bring him to hospital?"

"Hm, okay, Hyuk," I felt Hae patted my hair, "You heard Hyuk, did you, hyung?"
"All of us wait for Kui Xian tonight, hopefully he'll get better."

I nodded as Hae bring us to join Hyuk waiting near Kui Xian.

"Please God... Let him be okay, I can't take it losing another life."
"I could care him for all my life."

'No... No... Kyuhyun...'

I saw it again... All flashed again...
Kyuhyun stopped breathing...
Kyuhyun no longer stared into my eyes like how he used to...
It's already closed...
This can't be... 


I snapped my eyes open...again tears filled me...

"Kyuhyun... fuck."

The little voices cracked up and I felt hands intertwined my hand.
His other hand reached my neck, hugging me for his life.
"Don't cry again..."
"Kui Xian is here..."

I touched his cheeks. Assuring myself it was him, it was Kui Xian with me.
He's fine. His fever was down.

"Yes... Yes, Kui Xian."
"Thank you."

I kissed his forehead.
February 3rd

So, another February 3rd came and I just got back from meeting Kyuhyun as usual. But there's different this year, i brought Hyukjae, Donghae and well, Kui Xian. I could tell Hyukjae and Donghae came up with in case i depressed again after visiting Kyuhyun's grave which was always happen almost every year. And, Kui Xian finally he met Kyuhyun here. He only said, "Ah, Kyuhyun ahjussi must have meet my parents, right Hae hyung?"
He smiled.
A pure beautiful smile.
And all I could think of how to keep those smiles forever.
Here I was in my apartment, now living with Kui Xian. Hyukjae, Hae and I raised him, sent him to school but he lived at my place. I didn't say I had let you go, I always had you in my heart and now, I added one person to fill it.

I had you, Kyuhyun.
I had you, Kui Xian.

He made me realize I couldn't wait for you forever.

Maybe, this was how God and you created my long way to a happy ending, didn't you, Kyuhyun-ssi?


A/N: rush, right? but hopefully you guys still love how i end this...^^; oh if you curious about Raynaud, just google it..and yes i finished my first hopefully not the last chaptered fics~ comment, yes? 
Tags: eunhae, fanfiction, kyumin, rating: pg
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