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~now we go to meet
5th-May-2012 03:05 pm - 뽀뽀 키스
Title: 뽀뽀 키스
Pairing(s): kid!kyumin, kid!eunhae
Rating: g
Genre: fluff
Warning: unbeta
Summary: Kyuhyun and Mrs. Lee picked up Sungmin; Donghae, Sungmin's cousin; Hyukjae, Sungmin's friend from school and Lee brothers taught Kyuhyun did a 'boo boo kiss'. How will it turn out?


"Come on, Kyuhyunnie!" Mrs. Lee opened passenger seat door for him and the boy climbed to sit inside, "Ne, eomeoni!"

"Sungmin must have wait us to pick him up," She started engine and driving to his son's school.

"But why today we use car, eomeoni? Why don't we take bicycle?"

"Because we need to get not only Sungmin but also his cousin Donghae and Sungmin's friend, Hyukjae too, dear," Mrs. Lee explained it to Kyuhyun.
'Hyukjae... seems to be I have heard that name,' Kyuhyun thought.
"You'll see both of them soon, I think Sungmin hasn't tell you about them, hm?" She scracted on Kyuhyun's hair.


"Yah, Hyukjae! Let's do it together!" Donghae grabbed Hyukjae's wrist.

Actually, Donghae just moved into the same school with Sungmin about one month ago. He is the most fluffiest among most of kids there and as you know they're cousin. Both of them have some kind of similarities, height, cuteness, silly sometimes and they always play together. Until, Sungmin introduced him to Hyukjae. Donghae found him so adorable and he became so clingy toward Hyukjae. Well, these Lee brothers ended up together as always.

Back to Donghae and Hyukjae, now they're standing face to face and suddenly they bounced happily.
Both giggled and smiled happily, then their mouth pouted, still bouncing.

"뽀~ 뽀~ 뽀뽀~

" They sounded.

"Guys, can you stop all this boo boo kiss?" Ryeowook had grip on Sungmin's hand and facepalmed while seeing Donghae with Hyukjae kept on doing their kiss. He just felt so wrong to teach both of them. He prayed Mrs. Lee would come soon so he could send these three kids home.

Sungmin pulled at edge of Ryeowook's shirt, "Ryewookie son saeng nim, can I do boo boo kiss with Kyuhyunnie?"

Sungmin smiled widely.


After Mrs. Lee arrived, Ryeowook bid goodbye to his three little students.

"Okay, so Kyuhyun, introduced yourself to Donghae and Hyukjae, go go," Mrs. Lee asked him while driving.

All kids sat on passenger seat behind her.
Kyuhyun finally raised his head after he felt so shy with two boys whom he didn't know.

"Oh! Hyukkie!"

"Eh? Kyu?"

Both of them remembered meeting at the pharmacy before.

"A-ah, my name is Kyuhyun."

"Mine is Hyukjae."

"Hi, Kyuhyunnie! I am Donghae. That's so cute for calling Hyukkie," he giggled.
"Kyuhyunnie with Minnie hyung are so cute," Donghae out of nowhere already moved cupped both Kyuhyun and Sungmin's in his little hands.

Donghae looked at Hyukjae then both were saying, "Kyuhyunnie and Minnie hyung should ~~~ 뽀~ 뽀~ 뽀뽀~"
They bounced again and Mrs. Lee chuckled seeing them by mirror.

Kyuhyun stared at them confusedly. "Minnie hyung... What is boo boo kiss?"
"Just like what Hae and Hyukkie did, Kyu... Can we do it too?" Sungmin's eyes pleaded.
Kyuhyun definitely wasn't sure to do it, but he couldn't say no to Sungmin.

So, all of them bounced and boo boo kiss at the back seat together.
But, Kyuhyun still boo boo awkwardly.

When the car turned to left, they were crashing together to right side.

And, Sungmin's boo boo kiss landed on Kyuhyun's cheek while Donghae and Hyukjae kissed on their lips.
After the car back on its track, Lee brothers are giggled together, but Sungmin realized Kyuhyun just stared at the window. He blushed but Sungmin thought Kyuhyun didn't like boo boo kiss.

Sungmin came near Kyuhyun, giving another kiss on his cheek again.

"Kyuhyunnie, don't be sad, Kyu's 뽀뽀 키스 is the best!"


A/N: lol. i just wished maybe ryeowook uploads kyumin's version of booboo kiss <3 another related kyumin and kyuhyuk kid fics posts are at masterlist *scroll up* enjoy!
2nd-May-2012 08:15 pm - Hello?
Untitled | Kyuhyun/Yesung | G | Drabble, friendship
135 words
Yesung with Kyuhyun after finishing Super Show 4 Jakarta.


"Why didn't you say you feel unwell, hyung?" Kyuhyun tapped on Yesung's head.

"Hm..." Yesung slowly leaned on Kyuhyun's shoulder as they went back to hotel after finishing their concert, "You still realized it though..."

"It's just because you looked a bit.. weird?"
"Your eyes looked like you've cried at your solo these two days, but I believe you're not."
"And, thanks to that piece of confetti which is left on your hair."
"You're slightly fever, you know, hyung."

"Oh... right, you must have feel the heat..." Yesung answered him, mumbling.

"Yes. Plus, you really did coughing too before playing water fountain, huh?"
"You're not born as an actor."

"Hm..." Yesung just hummed.

Yesung's breathe started even and Kyuhyun just letting his hyung had a short rest before they got their flight back to Korea.


A/N: OH HI PEOPLE! i still do checking my journals. lol. can't help to write Kyuhyun/Yesung since Sunday which is last day of SS4 Jakarta was over, because Kyuhyun DID take the conffeti from Yesung's hair after Storm asdfghjkl *-* /spazz i'll know i love SJ more and more. And, well, besides flawless Hyukjae, Kyuhyun is indeed so cuteee /waves to Kyu /smiles like dork . Kyu successfully makes me love him even more <3 leave comments, will you? enjoy :3
KRY promise?
15th-Mar-2012 02:26 am - Meet The Cake Family

Title: Meet The Cake Family
Pairing(s): kid!simin, eunhae
Rating: g
Genre: fluff
Summary: Sungmin lost his mom in cake shop, guess who will help him?
Disclaimer: nothing beats kid!sungmin



Little Sungmin's eyes started teary as he looked for his mother in the cake shop.

He was separated from his mother when he found a mountain of chocolate bars. They went to the cake shop because his father had his birthday today, so his mother planned to celebrating it when his father arrived home from work. His mother went to second floor finding a cheese cake while Sungmin was at the first floor.

Someone's hand patted Sungmin's shoulder.
"Where is your mommy?"
Sungmin turned facing a boy, whom he thought maybe he's in the same age as him.

"I don't know. I lost my mom. We should buy birthday cake for dad..."

"Hm," the boy hummed then taking Sungmin's hand in his, "I believe my parents can help us."


"Oh, Siwon!" Donghae called his son while he just came up after baking a cupcake.

"Appa!" Siwon run with Sungmin aprroaching Donghae, "He lost his mom in our shop, can we find his mom?"

An apron was put on Siwon's neck, "What's your name, kid?"

"Dad!" Siwon tried to getting away but Hyukjae hugged his Siwon, "So sticky, there must be a sugar all over your apron. Appa, you should get a shower with dad." Hyukjae and Donghae just winked, grinning, Donghae came over to both of them, "And... Because dad made you dirty too, you'll get shower too."

Sungmin stared blankly at the family. He knew that the boy named Siwon had two fathers and they run the cake shop.

"Okay, back to you, kid, what's your name?" Hyukjae pinched Sungmin's cheek.

"Lee Sungmin, ahjussi." Sungmin pouted.

"Oh my, he's so cuteee," Donghae poked Sungmin's cheek.

Siwon came over to his parents so the cake family sat in front of Sungmin, "Hmm, Appa and Dad, we should help Sungmin right now, shouldn't we?"

"Oh yes, that's the point, so what cake your mom wants to buy, Minnie?" Hyukjae and Donghae asked him.

"Cheese cake, ahjussi."

"Ah, that's why you can't find your mom, she must be in our second floor!"
"Come on, kids!"

Siwon smiled at Sungmin and once again intertwining their hands together, "We get mom for you, Minnie!"

Well, maybe, from that moment, Sungmin thought Siwon's smile was beautiful like an angel.


"Thank you so much," Mrs. Lee bowed at Hyukjae and Donghae, "Both for finding my Sungmin and your cake."

"Your welcome, Mrs. Lee" Hyukjae smiled, "That's because our Siwonnie met Sungmin first." His parents brushed Siwon's hair.

Mrs. Lee kissed Siwon's cheek, "Thank you, Siwonnie."

"Y-Yes, auntie." Siwon blushed.

Sungmin giggled seeing Siwon blushed after his mom kissed him. After that Mrs. Lee took Sungmin and bid goodbye to the cake family.

Before reaching halfway, Sungmin run back to the shop.


He handed Siwon a chocolate bar. Siwon blushed once again.
"Thank you, Siwon!"

Sungmin hugged him tight, loosening his hug and plant a quick-kiss on Siwon's cheek.

 "Happy white day!" 

Siwon just gaped looking at Sungmin who already run back again to his mom.

Well, maybe, from that moment, Siwon thought he met cutest boy on earth.


A/N: Because allethia claimed this plot. Sungmin x everyone, including Simin, they're cute. And, Eunhae have Siwon equals skinship family. I don't know why I picked cake shop. I think Eunhae will having lots of cream for lots of occasions? /grin 8D just enjoy, comments are appreciated ~ OH AND HAPPY WHITE DAY <3

3rd-Mar-2012 11:46 pm - Honey Thighs & Milky Arms
Title: Honey Thighs & Milky Arms
Pairing(s): kid!kyumin , ninja!yewook
Rating: K
Genre: fluff
Summary: Food, fat, honey thighs, and milky arms?
Disclaimer: Kyumin have been together since baby age :)

Related post: 나도 , ? , 우유 , 뿌잉 뿌잉 , 우산 , 케이크


"Have you guys finished your dinner, kids?" Mrs. Lee asked both Kyuhyun & Sungmin while she was washing dishes.

"Yesh, eommaaa!" and "Yesh, auntie." were heard from both of them.
Kyuhyun stayed over at Sungmin because for nth time, Mrs. Cho had been lose against Sungmin's aegyo.

"Auntieee, may Kyuhyun sleep over at Minnie's house, please? Uncle Cho and Ahra noona will accompany auntie today but Minnie's Sungjin & dad are going to stay at Grandma's house. Minnie only have eomma tonight..." Sungmin pouted while he were being carried by Mrs. Cho, "Pleaseee?~"

"Oh, Minnie dear, okay okay, Kyuhyun can go to your house, but you should bring him back tomorrow morning. How about that, hm?" Mrs. Cho offered his little finger to Sungmin, "Promise me, will you?"

"Minnie pinky promise for lovely auntie!"


Kyuhyun and Sungmin were ready going to sleep. Sungmin in his white t-shirt and pink shorts. Kyuhyun in, well the same as Sungmin because he insisted Kyuhyun to wear it. So, Kyuhyun in pink shorts too. Mrs. Lee had sent them to bed right after dinner. They shared in Sungmin's bed together. The problem now was Kyuhyun couldn't sleep right after having dinner. It's not his habit to sleep right away.



"Why you haven't sleep?" Sungmin asked him then he yawned.

"I can't, Minnie hyung. I can't sleep after eating food."

"That's because you ate too much, Kyu. Ryeowookie son saeng nim said you shouldn't eat that much at night, you'll get fat!" Sungmin sounded like teaching Kyuhyun while he was lying beside Kyuhyun. "Look at my thigh," Sungmin pointed at his thigh, "Son saeng nim said my thigh will get bigger if I keep on eating too much!"

"But I think there's nothing wrong with your thighs right now, Hyungie. It's just the same."

"Yes, It is, but, I have to keep my honey thighs like now."

"Honey?" Kyuhyun confused, "Why honey?"

"Because Jongwoonie son saeng nim said it. I don't understand though why Ryeowookie son saeng nim hit Jongwoonie son saeng nim's head, but anyway Jongwoonie son saeng nim once said he has a habit like you and he could sleep earlier if he hugs Ryeowookie son saeng nim, why don't we try it?" Sungmin snuggled closer to Kyuhyun and his eyes suddenly stopped at Kyuhyun's arm.

"What's wrong, Hyungie?"

Sungmin poked Kyuhyun's arm.

He did it again twice.

"Kyunnie's arm look huggable."

"Eh? Hug--? Minnie hyung?"
Kyuhyun got more confuse and he didn't fight over his Hyungie though letting Sungmin hugged his arm.

Sungmin giggled, "Kyuhyunnie's milky arm!" Sungmin hugged tighter and yawning once again, "So comfortable..."

Sungmin's yawning affected Kyuhyun as he started sleepy too.
"Is that so, Hyungie?"

Sungmin nodded.

"Minnie hyungie's honey thigh and Kyuhyun's milky arm..."
Kyuhyun murmured as his eyelids closed.
His feet going over on top of Sungmin's thigh and they slept hugging each other.


A/N: I think I found again my fluffiness <3 thanks for sukira translation about minwook talked about kyusung's habit about can't sleep after eating 8D oh and blame elfs talk about Sungmin's honey thighs ;~~~; I wanna see it too~! oh and Kyuhyun's milky arms, hmm me and my friend have a little fetish for that one. this one! LOL. anyway enjoy people. I can't find a good Korean title otl.

banran 2kyu ?
2nd-Mar-2012 02:11 am - Etude of Memory
Etude of Memory || Kyuhyun/Sungmin || G || AU, angst, a bit fluff || 551 words


It was a wish -- something, if you could, you would or wouldn't choose to be happened or at least let time turned back to that day.

Keeping the moment.
A thing called memories.

Meeting a person.

A man who stepped his first and last time into Sungmin's life, Gyu.

Sitting on a bench near the river every single day, Sungmin looked up to the sky. Wind blew away his sadness. He knew people come and go in his life, but why was that happening? Sungmin closed his eyes, feeling the light, the wind, and the sound of life. Suddenly, he lost his light. Dark consumed him as he opened his eyes to see a guy, a tall one who stared right in front of his face. He smirked and his hands cupped Sungmin's face, his fingers tracing smiley face from Sungmin's corner mouth.

"I believe you have a beautiful smile, don't you?"

Sungmin stood up as he saw that man walking away from him. Waving to Sungmin. Smiling.

It was another day. A same bench where Sungmin looked up at his surroundings, trying to find that man. Sungmin spotted the man was sitting and holding a sketch book. His hands moved picturing a sight which his eyes captured. Sungmin paid attention to him.

'He doesn't look neat. His hair is a mess. He is using the exactly same coat as the first they met. He looks really thin. But, his eyes and his smile are ... Different.'

Sungmin never tore his gaze of the same man.
The man himself never forgot to saying goodbye everytime he saw Sungmin was looking at him, then he would take his leaves.

It was an ordinary day as usual.
One difference that the man had his seat first before Sungmin at his bench.
Sungmin sat beside him. 'How should I call you, hm?'  The man tapped at his chin. 'Gyu.'
Sungmin stared far away to the river. 'What are you doing here everyday?'  The man thought really hard.'Ah! Capturing memories...'

'What about you?'
'How should I call you?'
'What are you doing here everyday?'

Gyu said.

Sungmin faced at him. 
'Deleting memories...'

Gyu faced to face with Ming. 'Why?'

Sungmin bitterly smiled. 'It hurts.'

Gyu pouted. 'It's not.' He took his pencil from his pocket, opening his sketch book, capturing Ming on his eyes. His hands started to moving on the empty space.

'You maybe sad because of one or another memories, but it will remain. It may fading away, but you may recall them in your mind.'
'Memories give you a sad, a happy, and an unexpected story... The unforgettable one.'

Gyu smiled as he pleased with what he had drawn.
'Being hurted will take time to heal.'
Gyu handed his sketch of Sungmin's face to him.
'Someday, when you finally draw a smile on your face again, find me. Tell me.'
'I'll remembering you with a perfect smile even in my dreams.'

Gyu once again cupped Sungmin's face, tracing another smiley face at Sungmin's face.

'See you later, Ming.'

On February 29th, Sungmin sit at the same place he met Gyu. He smiled to the sky, smiling to his healed life.
Wishing one thing, on the same date, Sungmin could meet Gyu again. Sungmin smiled at Gyu.

"Now, I'm capturing memories."

A/N: Hello :) so long not writing ~ Happy Leap Day! but it's already March 1st otl. I won't spotting anyone, because i just though even if i'll give the spot, not all of people will like the whole story i write.. hehee so for everyone who drop by, please enjoy & comments always loved <3
3rd-Feb-2012 02:09 am - HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYUHYUN!
I don't even have any fics to post for kyuhyun's birthday T.T

only making this post to celebrate it ~
wishing our maknae everyhting the best, get older more evil! ㅎ~

생일 축하합니다 @GaemGyu !

cr: cherish

cr: babykyu

cr: superkyuhyun

and i do really wish to see you along with hyukjae , sungmin , & super junior this year TTvTT
*prays a lottt*
KRY promise?
28th-Jan-2012 11:18 pm - Rules Number 137

Title: Rules Number 137
Rating: PG
Genre: Humour, fluff, romance
Pairing(s): Kyumin, eunhae
Summary: Sungmin's unrequited love for Kyuhyun becomes mutual with help from Eunhae's magic note.
Disclaimer: SM, you, and I love SJ pairings, right?
Warning: unbeta

SPOT fumikux3


"Hyukjae," Sungmin poked Hyukjae's cheek.

"What's wrong, hyung?" Hyukjae looked at Sungmin while his hand still ruffling Donghae's hair. Donghae was lying on Hyukjae's lap. He flipped again his eunhae note and marking some pages.

"Help me getting Kyuhyun," Sungmin pleaded.

"Ehh... All this time you've already had him, haven't you?"

"Fifty fifty..." Sungmin sighed.

"Why? I think Kyumin have beaten Eunhae level?" Hyukjae wondered.

"Well, that's what people see, but in fact, he just saw it as fan service. FAN SERVICE, Hyuk! Gosh I feel like to throwing his laptop to his face everytime he says that," Sungmin bit a pillow looking at Hyukjae with puppy's eyes, "And, he ended up calling me with hyung when we're alone."

"You ask him, to be your boyfriend then. It's simple as that, right, Hae?"

Sungmin blushed, " Yeah, right. It's simple for both of you... Your love is mu--mutual... He even pit-a-pat with that Chinese girl too, I don't wanna remember her name."

"Well, you with Hyorin," Hyukjae formed gummy smile. "Sungrin couple~~~" Donghae wrote in his note.

"Thank you and that's definetly not helping. Maybe, you guys want some try from my nunchuk?"

"Wow easy, hyung," Hyukjae tried lighting up the atmosphere, "Donghae, what we've got in our notes to helping our Sungmin hyung's unrequited love?"

"Rules number 137. Attack your target offensively. Oh, this strategy can be added with adding side strategy that leads to jealousy," Donghae said it out loud getting up from Hyukjae's lap.

"We can try that..." Hyukjae realized something, "Oh!"

"WGM!" Lee brothers shouted.


Sungmin volunteered as the first who showed off their talent among Fighting Junior's blind dates. He picked up his guitar to performing a song but his nunchuk fell down.
"This the first time you meet her and then you just instantly play around with your nunchuk?" Kyu said.
'You've seen me with nunchuk this past five years and you even don't fall in love with me. Tsk.'

Because his nunchuk already revealed, he played it first before singing with guitar.
"Sungmin sshi, are you doing a massage now?" Kyu commented again.
I am, Cho Kyuhyun. I'll massage you with my nunchuk twice harder when we get into our room later.


Kyuhyun prefered performing a song 'Because I am in Love' with Sungmin's guitar accompaniment. He looked at Sungmin before he started the song. Well, somehow, how Kyuhyun's eyes saw Sungmin brought his heart bursted out of the blue.
What are you trying to say, Kyu?

"~Like a fool..."
Ha! See that my revenge, you Cho Kyuhyun!
Sungmin just giggled and saying sorry when they attacked him saying he was interrupting. Hyukjae slightly smiled and Donghae drank his coffee. Kyuhyun continued his song and Sungmin missed the beat at the same part. The song was sung beautifully until Hyukjae did his part in ruining Kyuhyun's performance.


After that, Hyukjae put back his coffee on the table, in other hand, Donghae grabbed his coffee starting his part.
Donghae held his coffee to Kyuhyun's mouth as if it was a microphone. He tried to disturbing Kyuhyun's concentration.

Kyuhyun continued with magic performance. He tried to disappearing the ring and... Silence. Everyone laughed at him.
You failed, Kyuhyun-ah. The girls wouldn't have deep impression with you.


"Sungmin hyung," Kyuhyun called out when they finished their filming and went back to their room, "Hyung! Sungmin!"

"You don't have to yell at me, what's wrong, Kyu?" Sungmin answered him coldly.
'Did he just call me Sungmin ?'

"I-- I don't mean-- Uh, well... Why...," Kyuhyun's voice fading out.

"What why?"

"You keep on... Hmm, how should I say it... Mean to me?"

"Which side of me do you think is mean ?"

"On today's recording, you along with Hyukjae and Donghae... Keep on interrupting me."

"It's just for the show and okay I'll take that as my mistake for interrupting you, you're happy now? Huh?" Sungmin answered emotionally. Sungmin blabbered without realizing, "You've made me did that, okay?"

"Ho-- Hold on, hyung. Me? Making you did what?"

"A-- Ah, nothing. Just forget what I've said before," Sungmin panicked.

"Sungmin. Answer me," Kyuhyun demanded.

"I won't, Kyu."

Sungmin's phone ringing a text message from Donghae. Kyuhyun grabbed it faster, "You guys really did something on purpose to me, right?"

"No no, Kyu, don't open Hae's message, please!"
Sungmin covered his face when he saw Kyuhyun read the message.

From: Fishy
To: Sungmin hyung

Message: Sungmin hyungie~~ Has Kyuhyun accepted your love for him? :D Eunhae are praying for you<3

"M-- Min..." Kyuhyun came closer to Sungmin, get a hold of Sungmin's hands that still covering his face, "Hey, Sungmin, look at me..."
"Sshhh, don't cry, it's okay..."

"So-- Sorry, Kyu. I-- I..."

"Why sorry, Min..." Kyuhyun hugged him, soothed his back.
"I love you, Sungmin."
"I really do."

"But, why all of this time...? Fan service... Calling me with hyung..."

"I'm waiting."
"I'm not sure if you feel the same as I do. I don't wanna ruin our friendship if the fact that you don't have your love for me, Min."

Sungmin couldn't hold his tears and he snuggled into Kyuhyun.

"So, I guess, it's tears of happiness, Min?" Kyuhyun chuckled.
Sungmin nodded in Kyuhyun's embrace.

"Hm, Hyung--"

"Sungmin, Kyu. No hyung."

"Yes, Sungmin. Hm, since next month it's my birthday, can I have my earlier request?" Kyuhyun grinned.


"Make a new twitter account and send me a birthday wish."


A/N: ah blame for my randomness, I just need to write this after I watched WGM ep 15 yesterday lol. And, the plot and ending are sucks yes, I know, sorry T.T it's because @imSMl back to twitter WOHOOO *throws confetti* and I wish Sungmin will tweet Kyuhyun next week on his birthday XD well, anyway, hope you guys enjoy this<3 thanks to kshownow.net for engsubbed<3 oh and my beta-reader allethia get well soon dear :* /hugs and kisses

25th-Jan-2012 12:25 am - [3] Reincarnation
Title: Reincarnation
Rating: PG
Genre: AU, angst, friendship
Pairing: main!Kyumin, mention of donghae
Summary: What did you wish when someone whom you care for leaving you away?
Disclaimer: SM, you, and I love SJ pairings, right?
Warning: [previous] older Kyuhyun, character death, unbeta

SPOT arciavin , allethiafumikux3

Chapters: [prologue]  [1]  [2]


"I can't take you to beach as I promised," Kyuhyun took Sungmin's hand, "I'm really sorry, okay?"
"Forgive me?"

Sungmin averted his sight from Kyuhyun's pleading eyes.
"Uh-huh," Sungmin nodded, "but I'll take your promise accomplished once we really see a real sunset at beach, Kyuhyun-sshi."

Kyuhyun grinned widely and taking Sungmin in a hug, "Yes, yes, I will."

Kyuhyun kissed Sungmin's forehead.
"At least I can give an early sunset from ferris wheel now, Sungmin-sshi..."


January  7th, 08.00 am  

Sungmin adjusted his sight after sunlight distracted his sleep.

"Ah! Ahjusshi wakes up!!" Kui Xian glomped at Sungmin and giving Sungmin a kiss on his forehead.

"Oh... K--Kui Xian? What are you doing here?"

"Kissing Ahjusshi so Cheng Min Ahjussi wakes up!"

"O--Okay, I'm awake now, dear. Did you come with uncle Donghae? Where is he now?"

"Nooo, I didn't, Cheng Min Ahjusshi! Last night, Ahjusshi said Kui Xian shouldn't go anywhere. Kui Xian with Cheng Min Ahjusshi," Kui Xian pouted.

"Am I?"
"Oh," Sungmin hold Kui Xian's waist, sitting him on Sungmin's lap, "it's uncle Donghae calling us."

"Hello, Hae-ah?"

"Yah, Hyung! How's your morning?" Donghae asked from the other line.

"I'm...hmm, good, but could you tell me why your nephew is here? in my apartment?"

"Because you said so? Look, Hyung. Last night, I thought you drunk, well just a little, but it affected you a lot. You kept on calling him.. hmm, Kui Xian... with... Kyuhyun."


Sungmin then looked back at Kui Xian just to find his teary eyes.
"Ku--Kui Xian, what's wrong, uh??" Sungmin cupped his face, "Donghae, I'll call you later, okay? Bye."
"You pouted and now you're teary," Sungmin caressed his cheek.

"Cheng Min Ahjusshi doesn't like Kui Xian," He started sobbing.

"No no, Ahjusshi didn't mean that, okay?"
"Cheng Min Ahjusshi love to have you here, Kui Xian..."

Sungmin soothed him, trying his best to comfort Kui Xian.


Both of them had their time together all day long, fulfilling their beautiful Saturday.

While he was watching Kui Xian flipped the calendar, Sungmin just realized today he didn't have nightmare.

"Cheng Min Ajhusshi, why do you counting on the calendar?"

"Why... Ah, that's because, Cheng Min Ahjusshi is waiting for someone... Waiting him to comeback, Kui Xian..."

He made an 'O' shape then the frame took his attention, "Is he the one, Ahjusshi, waiting for?" He pointed at Kyuhyun's photo and grabbed it right next to his face.

"A-- Aa... Ye-- Yes, Kui Xian..."

Sungmin could see Kyuhyun's in Kui Xian or maybe that was just his feeling.

His longing for Cho Kyuhyun.


A/N: Chapter 3 is so short -______-" sorry, but really hopes you still enjoy and waiting for next chappie. thanks!
18th-Jan-2012 12:08 am - Ways to Stop Hiccup Number Three
Title: Ways to Stop Hiccup Number Three
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff, humour
Pairing: Kyumin, mention of Donghae
Summary: Sungmin's hiccup, Donghae's advice, and Kyuhyun's... hmm, kiss?
Disclaimer: SM, you, and I love SJ pairings, right?
Warning: unbeta

SPOT allethia fumikux3


"Hae-- hic-- ah..."
"Could you-- hic-- bring my water-- hic-- over there?"

"Where, hyung?" Donghae peeped from behind the cupboard.

"Beside refrigerator-- hic-- thanks..."

"Here, Sungmin hyung," he handed Sungmin's glass, "your hiccup doesn't stop since we've got home, eh?" Donghae sat bebside Sungmin on the sofa while Sungmin was gulping down his water.

"Yes and I think-- hic-- I've already drank a lot of-- hic-- water to get rid of this hiccup but-- hic-- it didn't work..."

"Uhm..." Donghae suddenly checked on his little eunhae note, flipping pages.

"What-- hic-- are you looking-- hic-- for, Hae-ah?"

"I believe I have your problem solving here, it must be here, ways to stop hiccup..." Donghae kept on searching it.

Sungmin got up leaving Donghae there towards his shared room with Kyuhyun, "It's okay, Hae-- hic-- I'll try to sleep maybe-- hic--  it'll disappear..."



"You should try yo hold your breath for couple of seconds, okay, hyung?"

"Hic-- okay, I'll take your-- hic-- advice, Hae..." Sungmin waved his hand to Donghae then he entered his room.



"Oh, Sungmin-ah... Your never ending hiccup..." Kyuhyun looked up at Sungmin from his Starcraft.

"I'm trying to stop it, Kyu-- hic--"

Sungmin did what Donghae said before, holding his breath.
Sungmin smiled, "Kyu, I think-- hic--"

Well, he failed again.

Kyuhyun paused his game, "You tried to hold your breath, right?"

Sungmin nodded.

"You pressed your nose," Kyuhyun moved forward to Sungmin's bed, "but you didn't hold your breath from your mouth, Min." Kyuhyun stopped right in front of Sungmin's face.

"Ahh-- hic-- right, Kyu..."

"Now, hold your breath again," Kyuhyun instructed.

Sungmin hold his breath and...


Kyuhyun claimed Sungmin's lips.

"Sungmin hyung!! Your hiccup is gone now??" Donghae barged into the room.


"Kyuhyun!!" Sungmin lost his breath, "that-- what was that for, huh?" His face was still red.

"Help you."

"Help what??"

"Holding your breath?"


"But your hiccup is gone now," Kyuhyun pointed at Sungmin.

"Ways to stop hiccup number three," Donghae wrote his note,

"holding breath and being kissed on lips."


A/N: reincarnation #3 ... >__< anyway, enjoy this one! <3
banran 2kyu ?
9th-Jan-2012 11:58 pm - [2] Reincarnation

Title: Reincarnation
Rating: PG
Genre: AU, angst, friendship
Pairing: main!Kyumin, Eunhae
Summary: What did you wish when someone whom you care for leaving you away?
Disclaimer: SM, you, and I love SJ pairings, right?
Warning: older Kyuhyun; character death

Beta-ed allethia
SPOT arciavin , fumikux3

Chapters: [prologue]  [1]


January 6th, 04.30 a.m

“Hm…” Sungmin pinched his temple.

He was no longer sleepy. It had became habit, waking up with cold sweat because nightmares, tossing on the bed, and his eyes widely open, can no longer sleep again.
He opened his messages on the cellphone.

Hyukjae: “Sungmin hyung, have you waken up by now? Don’t forget to take my shift today, okay?”

Hyukjae: “Hyung~~ Donghae and I will buy you a strawberry cheese cake! Promise!^^”

Sungmin smiled reading it and sent an “Okay” to his best friend. Finally, he got up from bed, preparing himself to go to hospital. He bit his toast, taking his backpack, and stopped at the calendar. He grabbed the marker from the table and started to write1643 days in “Friday, January 6th“. Sungmin put the marker back, right beside a photo frame.
It was him with Kyuhyun.

Morning, Kyuhyun…


Lee Sungmin, 27 years old, lived alone in his apartment. His father had died a long ago when he was still five. His mother took care of him and his little brother, Sungjin. But, his mother had also died two years ago. Sungjin had moved to his own apartment with his girlfriend, they have already engaged and planned their marriage on June.

He had lots of friends. Hyukjae and Donghee are the best of them. They have been friends since elementary school but, now, they have separated their ways of life between Sungmin and Hyukjae with Donghee. Their adorable friend was a dancer ‘dancing machine’ and a DJ now while Sungmin and Hyukjae became nurse.

They were male nurse now with a different background that lead them to this point.

Lee Hyukjae almost became a dancer like Donghee too but fate had another way for him. It was when he met Donghae. They often met at dance competition and becoming close since then. Well, they have been dating after that. They danced as if it was the only thing that made both of them alive each day. Until one day, Donghae saved Hyukjae from a car accident which made him losing his ‘life’. His leg wouldn’t recovered even though he had passed the surgery. Donghae threw away dance from his life, then Hyukjae followed him because he believed he is the one who made Donghae broken. He promised he would take care of Donghae. Hyukjae had helped in Donghae’s recovery each day and he thought maybe, just maybe, becoming a nurse would be nice so he could accompany and make sure Donghae was fine, always fine.

Hyukjae met Sungmin.

“Being someone who can help people, taking care someone you love with all your life,” Sungmin answered Hyukjae when he asked why Sungmin chose to be a nurse, “same for you, for Hae, right?” Hyukjae nodded.

“It’s for him. Cho Kyuhyun…”


“Morning!” Sungmin greeted others who just finished their night shift. Some of them yawned and greeted him back. They packed their things and bid goodbye to Sungmin. He saved his things in his locker, staring at the mirror in it, a big smile drew on the mirror.

“Fighting, Lee Sungmin!”

He looked at his polaroid photo, touched the handwriting, ‘taken by Kyuhyun-sshi


Sungmin visited each room to check the patients. He gave their medicine, checking on the IV , asking how they’d feeling today, and assuring them to believe they would be healthy soon.

Sungmin held their hands, every patients, squeezed it tightly.

“Be patient. Everything will be fine…”


“Here is your balloon, little Sunny,” Sungmin chuckled then handed her balloon.
“Thank you, oppa!” said the girl and left him still sitting there.

“Hey, are you, okay??” A tall man approached him.
Sungmin just fell from the tree after taking little girl’s balloon which was stucked on the tree.
“Oh! Look at your knee! You got a scratch!” The man poured water to his wound from the bottle. He let out his handkerchief then tightens it on Sungmin’s knee. “There you go. It should be better now, but don’t forget to put on a band aid later, okay?”

But, the man didn't get any response from Sungmin.

“Hey, you listened to me, right? Hm, what’s your name?”

“Lee—Lee Sungmin…”

“Okay, Sungmin don’t forget what I’ve said before okay?” He patted the boy’s head, “by the way, you looked great when you gave the balloon to the little girl before.” The man smiled and left.

Sungmin then snapped from his daze and called him back, “Ahjusshi!! Thank you!”

The man stopped but didn’t look back and waved his hand to Sungmin.

Sungmin facepalmed after realizing another thing.
“Damn! I don’t even know ahjusshi’s name! How could I give his handkerchief back…”
Sungmin touched it and feel something on it, a name was sewn there.

Cho Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun Ahjusshi.


“Min—Sungmin-sshi…” A nurse named Sooyoung who was having her break time with Sungmin waved in front of him, tried to call him, “your phone has already rung three times, it’s Hyukjae, if I’m not mistaken.”

“Ah, yes, it’s him,” Sungmin checked on his phone, “thanks, Sooyoung-sshi.”

“Yup, it’s okay. You seemed to think about something before, is there something wrong?” She asked worriedly.

“Nothing to be worried,” Sungmin smiled, “some memories just popped up in my head.”

“Hm… Drink your coffee then, it’s not hot anymore because you just let it there, not sipping it even a little.”

“Yes, Sooyoung-sshi, I will,” Sungmin giggled, “oh, excuse me, Hyukjae calls again.”


“What’s wrong, Hyukkie?”

“Finally, hyung!  I thought you would  never pick up my call, I’m with Donghae now and we’ll pass the hospital, we can pick you up, so get ready at the main gate, okay?”

“Oh, okay, I’ll be there soon!”


“Sungmin hyunggg!” Donghae called from the passenger seat.

“Get inside, hyung! It’s started to rain,” Hyukjae said pointing to the back seat, “oh, before I forget, he is Donghae’s nephew.”

Sungmin got in the car and looked at his side.
His eyes widen after seeing a boy beside him.

“D—Donghae’s ne—nephew??” Sungmin stuttered.

“Hello, Ahjusshi!” The boy chirped happily to Sungmin.

“Ahjusshi’s name is Lee Sungmin,” Donghae pointed at Sungmin, “introduce yourself to him,” Donghae ruffled the boy’s hair.

My name is Kui Xian!


A/N: I feel to write so I wrote it. lol. *brick me* Oh it’s chapter 2, enjoy! ♥ don't ask me when will I post next chapter.. I'm afraid I can't make it to promises.. DX

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